Acts 9:10-19

Acts 9:10 - 19

The faith walk that believers are to walk requires openness to the voice of God all the while letting go of human emotions and sight walking! If you are following God, He is going to lead you places you really don't want to go and teach you His power and glory from experiences that will try your convictions! But in the end, there will be blessings and relationships that cannot be gained any other way!

Did you notice how the word describes Ananias? It calls him a "certain" disciple! He was not just any ole disciple - a certain disciple! Now to be a certain disciple he had to be a.) Surrendered to the Lord and b.) Available to service!

What do we know about Ananias? Not much other than how Paul describes him in Acts 22: 12ff.
a.      Certain -> a particular disciple; a special disciple; a chosen disciple
b.       A devout man a man of convictions that did not change
c.       A man with a testimony -> a life lived in a way that others saw his godliness!
d.       A man who's name meant God is gracious!

Note: Ananias was probably one of the leaders of the Damascus church and thus the very one that Saul was coming to imprison or kill!

Jesus could have chosen to use different methods of healing Saul, He could have done it directly without any human intercessor. He could have appeared to Saul personally. But He didn’t. He used Ananias - so both Saul and Ananias would be stretched and their faith strengthened! God used Ananias on purpose!

Ananias knew Jesus’ voice and responded as a follower -> "Behold, here I am Lord!" The only response to Jesus' call is "Here I am!"

Note: God sought out Ananias not because of His abilities but because of his availability to serve God!

Hearing and knowing the Word leads to the Walk!
Jesus gives Ananias specific directions - no way to miss His will!

1.      Go to this house
2.      Call for Saul of Tarsus
3.      He is prepared to receive you
4.      Lay hands on him so he can receive his sight and be prepared to serve Ananias shares his concerns with God and it's OK!

1.      I know about him
2.      He’s bad
3.      He has done harm to the Saints of Jerusalem
4.      He is here to do the same

The Lord gives Ananias assurance:

a.      He is chosen
b.      He will bear My name
c.       He will suffer may things for My name's sake

Ananias gets up and goes to his way and enters the house

Note: Calls him "Brother Saul"! meeting his fears with personal comfort. Ananias is declaring his acceptance/ confidence at who Saul is! And he is sharing God's revealed plan for Saul's life so other will accept him too!

Ananias Lays Hands on Saul:

a.      So Saul will regain his sight gain new sight!
b.      Receive the Holy Spirit empowered to surrender to God’s will and empowered to serve as God leads!

Saul is filled with the Holy Spirit to convict him, convert him and commission him for a life of following jesus!

What we can learn:

1.      Saul/ Paul's ministry was dependent on others (Ananias) - no lone ranger Christ followers!
2.      Ananias (a layperson) was used just as powerfully as the Apostles! (Laying on of hands, miracles, testimony)
3.      Faith is seen by obedience to the Word of God that overcomes fear!
4.      Ananias believed God above what man said and evidence to the contrary!
5.      Ananias gets to have an amazing part of Paul's ministiy!
6.      Shared life! -> Discipled Saul!
7.      Willing to be the answer to someone's pray!


1.      Is your response to God’s call "Behold, here I am, Lord!”?
2.      When God asks you to do something that goes against your personal understanding who do you follow - your own feelings or God’s word?
3.      Can you forgive someone who has brought great harm to your friends and family if they have repented and turned to Jesus? What if they haven't?
4.      Why is being Spirit filled soooo important in the walk of a believer?